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PCB Basket Trolley

2014/12/13 15:18:00 Viewers:
  • BrandKWG
  • TypeKWG-PT04
  • Require

PCB  Basket Trolley,Can choose 12-24 pcs baskets,Each basket can hold 36/38/40 pcs PCB ,Basket slot Depth4mm Slot hight5.5mm Slot width:5.5mm

1、Basket Size,L410*W283*H170MM;for 38 pcs PCB

2、Basket Size:L265*W205*H95MM,for 25 pcs PCB 
3、Basket Size:L270*W250*H130MM,for 25 pcs PCB 

Material: Stainless steel + anti-static PS; 
Specification: 1070 * 540 * 1600 mm can hold 20 pcs Below Baskets; 
each hanging basket can deposit 36/38 piece of PCB board; 
System resistance: 106-109 Ω ; 
Optional anti-static wheel ,can according to customer special requirement 

Slot space: 7mm 
Width: 3.2mm 
Depth: 5mm 

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