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How to reduce static electricity in industrial production

2014/12/14 18:04:10 Viewers:
Anti-static method commonly used in anti-static workshop
Electrostatic hazards for all to see, more and more manufacturers have begun to implement various degrees of anti-static measures and engineering. But to recognize that sound and effective anti-static works in accordance with the actual situation of different enterprises and different job object, to develop appropriate countermeasures. Anti-static measures should be systematic, comprehensive, otherwise, may be less effective, even cause counterproductive destructive. Let's talk about anti-static workshop.
An anti-static work area venue
The ground material: should be selected by the electrostatic conductor materials constitute the ground, such as anti-static floor or capped fortification of common ground static mats and effectively grounded. Prohibit the direct use of wooden floors or laying wool, hemp, chemical fiber carpets and ordinary vinyl flooring.
2, ground: a, anti-static system must have an independent and reliable grounding device, grounding resistance should generally be less than 10Ω, laying and detection methods should be consistent with the requirements of GBJ 97. b, anti-static ground shall not be connected to the power supply zero line, may not be shared with the lightning ground. c, the use of three-phase five-wire power supply, the earth line can be used as anti-static ground (zero line, the ground shall not be mixed then). d, the cross-sectional area of the ground mainline should be not less than 100mm2; the branch trunk cross-sectional area shall not be less than 6mm2; equipment and ground wire table should adopt a multi-strand cross-sectional area of not less than 1.25mm2 wrap plastic wire, ground wire color yellow-green line is appropriate. e ground mainline connection brazing. f, anti-static device connection terminals should ensure that access to reliable, easy assembly and disassembly, allows the use of a variety of clip-on connectors, such as the Ngok fish folder, plugs and sockets. g higher earth resistance value requirements in the workplace should install a grounding system monitoring and alarming instrument, such as Our production SL-038A grounding system monitoring and alarm device, at any time to monitor the ground with earth contact is good.
3, ceiling material: should be used in anti-static type, generally allows the use of gypsum board products, prohibit the use of ordinary plastic products.
Wall fabric: antistatic wallpaper, under normal circumstances, allow the use of the plaster coating or the lime paint walls, to prohibit the use of ordinary wallpaper and plastic wallpaper.
Humidity control: a anti-static work area ambient relative humidity of not less than 50% is appropriate. no product caused by the harmful effects of the premise, allows the use of a humidifier the device spray formulations or water to increase humidity. c, computer room humidity should be consistent with the relevant provisions of GB 2887, similar to the engine room shall also comply with this requirement.
6 regional boundaries anti-static work area should be marked regional boundaries, and in a prominent place the suspension warning signs, warning signs should meet GJB1649 provisions, the entrance to the work area should be configured ionized air wind bath equipment.
7, the static power: prohibit the use of anti-static work area and contact is easy to produce products of electrostatic charge. Table surface paint or Impregnation surface, ordinary plastic veneer, ordinary vinyl resin surface flooring, plastic and leather floor polishing waxing wood floors. Ordinary vinyl overalls, hats, shoes, ordinary polyester, synthetic fiber, and nylon fabrics, plastic and ordinary shoes and operation of tools and equipment, ordinary plastic boxes, rack, bottle, plate supplies and paper products, ordinary foam and general mobile tools a compressor, a spraying apparatus, evaporation equipment, etc.
, Static Control application and management of the production site
1 grounding
Ground is some anti-static or other devices connected to a ground line. Ground-buried the establishment of "independent" ground. Between the ground and the earth resistance <10Ω, may bleed conductor gathering charge, for the build-up of static electricity on the conductor (such as the human body) is usually grounded to lead away.
Ground implementation of the following ways:
① the human body through the wrist strap grounded.
(2) the human body through the anti-static shoes (or shoelaces) and anti-static flooring ground.
Ground ③ countertops.
④ test instruments, tools, folder, soldering iron grounded.
(5) anti-static floor mats ground.
⑥ anti-static transfer vehicle, box, rack the ground as possible.
⑦ grounded antistatic chair.
2, anti-static safety workbench: 1 table, anti-static mat, wrist strap connector and ground wire. Should also be equipped with necessary equipment, in addition to electrostatic ion fan as I produced. ② anti-static mat should be more than two wristbands connectors, one for the operator to use, one for technical personnel, inspectors use. ③ Antistatic safety workbench does not allow stacking plastic boxes, rubber, cardboard, glass and other debris, prone to static drawing data file should be placed in the anti-static bag.
3, static elimination equipment: easy to produce static product assembly workbench should put an ion fan, ion fan blowing into the product can quickly eliminate static electricity generated at any time.
4, anti-static wrist strap: direct contact with static-sensitive devices must take anti-static wrist strap, wrist strap should have good contact with human skin, wrist strap system ground resistance value should be in the range of 750KΩ-10.5MΩ. Antistatic wrist strap should always hand wrist strap tester checks for damage. Our production available wrist band tester. Conditional or company is best to use the wrist strap monitor online because online monitor handle wrist strap and ground connected. So it can detect the anti-static wrist strap is damaged or whether the workers wear.
5, anti-static clothing: personnel and contact with static-sensitive devices into the anti-static work area must wear anti-static overalls, overalls fabric should be consistent with the relevant national relative humidity less than 50% of the dry environment (such as winter). standards.
6, anti-static shoes: to enter the anti-static work area should be anti-static shoes. Personnel should wear ordinary shoes, use of conductive shoes beam, anti-static shoes or heel strap. Anti-static shoes to use human Tester often detect its anti-static properties. Available Our production of SL-033 human Tester.
7, anti-static socks: Many companies have anti-static socks do not attach importance to, in fact, this is not right. Best to wear anti-static socks to wear anti-static shoes, if there is no anti-static socks to wear cotton sock, but should not wear nylon sock, because poorly conductive nylon sock will prevent static electricity to go to the anti-static shoes guide, sometimes anti-static shoes measuring a pair of qualified human tester found that the resistance is too high, the reason is because wearing nylon sock.
8, anti-static container: the components of the production sites Sheng bag, turnover box, PCB loading and unloading racks should have the role of electrostatic protection, does not allow the use of metal and container storage components used containers should be grounded when necessary.
9, the production line with the conveyor belt and the drive shaft should be fitted with anti-static grounding brushes and strut. Static elimination equipment, such as I produced ion fan and ion wind wand belt surface.
10 production sites using assembly fixtures, test fixtures, welding tools, a variety of instruments, should set a good grounding line.
11 human Tester: production sites at the entrance should be installed human Tester each into the production site should be anti-static test, pass before they can enter the scene. As I produced the human Tester. Shoes can detect the anti-static wrist strap and the body's resistance.