Stainless Steel Solid Shelving Rack

  • Stainless Steel Worktable
  • Euro Standard Solid Plastic Container Crate Heavy Loading Stackable Collapsible Auto Industrial Parts Storage Solution EU4628
Stainless Steel Worktable

Stainless Steel Worktable

  • Assembled Dimensions: 49.5" W x 24" D x 35.5" H
  • Brushed stainless steel table top (49.5" W x 24" D) with bullnose edge
  • Heavy-duty steel wire shelf (47.5" W x 18" D) adjustable at 1" increments 
  • Thick 1.5" diameter heavy-duty steel poles/posts
    • Four leveling feet included 4" wheels available for purchase
    • Easy assembly, no tools required
    • Total weight capacity: 1,000 lb. (lower wire shelf can hold up to 500 lb.)
    • Net Weight: 45.4 lb. 

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